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The place: Hajógyári-sziget

(an island beetween Buda and Pest, upper than Margitsziget-Margaret Island)



We changed to Hajógyári-sziget..

All plays gonna be there!

That field is as big as the official field!!!! At last!


• Getting there: Kép

-By Szentendrei HÉV (Suburbian railway Szentendrei, from Batthyany square - till Filatorigát stop

-Walk ahead paralel tha railway, on the corner turn right, there gonna ge a gas station, walk Kép behind the station on the right, and you gonna surely see an iron bridge..

-That is K-híd, walk throw that, and turn left to a forest path, immediately turn right on that (that gonna be the steeper), walk throw that path, always on the right, and you'll arrive to a field, cross the street on the right and you will see us!

Good luck!!




Just to make is clear:







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