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Margaret Island (Margitsziget):





We've got back to Margitsziget..

All the play's gonna be here!


• Getting there:


1. by Tram + more walkin':

-by tram number: 4 or 6, to  'Margitsziget' stop

-Walk into the Island till the statue, where there are 2 ways, choose the leftone, go ahead next to the swimming pool and after tha gonna be a crossing weak road, and you'll find a stone path between bushes, on the end of that path across the pine trees you well find our field!


 2. Bus + less walkin':

- take the bus, number 26 at Buda or Pest at the ends of the Margaret Bridge (Margit-híd) travel till  'Vörösmarty Kertmozi' stop, get off, cross the road, and search the stone path between the bushes at the right, across the pine trees you'll be there on our field!



Good luck!!



-This field is smaller than the original, but the grass is much more better and softer than in the Hajógyári-sziget.

-There are pews..

-There is a well.

-You can change clothes in the swimming pool, or buy something food/drink its just 2 minutes far.

-And there is a playground next to the field.




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