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    American Football!


We used to played on Weekend afternoons in the Margaret Island (Margitsziget), on the biggest field, behind teh swimming pool. But check out the information before the game!  



The following play will be:









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Don't forget to bring changing clothes, and so much drink! We kindly invite YOU and all your friends to come, and play or just watch us! Bring everyone whom you can...   








Szigeti Veszedelem Football League

a Mókusok

(Island Danger the Squirrels)



The team originally founded by a fellowship, almost one year ago!  In junior age-group we're playin', tacklin' each other, with more and more people!

 Link to photo gallery

In the weekends we usually play in Margaret Island ('Margitsziget'), on the huge field behind the swimming pool, and we also have trainings in every weekdays. 


We kindly invite you too! and everyone who wants to join us, or just try out himself in American Football! (we also wait for sponsors of course..!) 


Our target: the Hungaryan League (MAFL), and to having fun meanwhile!!

 Link to photo gallery

That's all from ourselves..

If you're interested, you'll find us to ask for!








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Thanks for Dani! 



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